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Signature Spray Scents

Signature Spray Scents


Welcome to the BLBE Signature Scents. So many scents to choose from, and each one does so much!


When that certain someone stinks up the bathroom, just spray PoPo and get rid of those stinky odors, helps to refresh and kill bad odors. 


Bottom of the Sea helps to texturize your hair with sea salt so you have that summertime look year round. A mixture of essential oils and sea salt makes your hair look amazing. 


Gnat and flying bugs are so annoying and most things don't work, Fleeing on Wings uses essential oils to repel and kill those pests, I use it all the time when they start flying around.


Got a sore or scratchy throat, Singing Like a Canary helps to coat your throat and feel like telling everything, essential oils help to restore your voice to normal.


When you get in your car or truck you want it to smell great, not stinky. With Cruiser Clean you can get rid of those nasty odors that make you drive with your windows down. Don't let your car smell like a cruiser, use Cruiser Clean and let the freshness in. 


If you want your home to smell amazing Squad Room is your baby, essential oils help to eliminate bad odors and helps refresh your room so it doesn't smell like a Squad Room.



Product comes in various sizes

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